The world believes in the survival of the fittest. Men are conditioned to man-up and become warriors as if they have to fight against each other and with life. 

Mens Brotherhood Journey

They are told they need to be successful to be appreciated and recognized, provide for the family, rear children, be good at their jobs. If they are not able to do all this, then they are considered and treated as weak. For men, this dichotomy of toughness and weakness is a continuous part of their daily life.

Behind all the roles and responsibilities, men are humans too and feel emotions. They long to express their inner truth without being ridiculed, labeled, or judged. They want to be held compassionately in their authenticity and in the challenges they face on a day-to-day basis. More than anything in the world, men, too, want to be heard for who they are.

In a manly world, bonding and self-expression for men usually happen through drinking, sports, and success at work, leading to competition among men. Men get conditioned by society and culture to compete to be the best. In this way, they ultimately distrust, fight, and fear each other.

Deep within their hearts, Men long to heal. Multiple things have caused them trauma. The suffering of men has its roots in the misunderstanding of their very role in their society. From adverse childhood experiences to difficulties with their peers back in school/ college, challenges with women they wanted to love and be loved, unresolved issues with their mother or father/brother, domestic violence, and time away from kids and legal matters.

Mens Sacred Brotherhood

Facing this immense trauma and setback, most men have bottled up their feelings and created a feel-nothing world. Their self-expression has not been possible for years.

The prejudice that men cannot suffer leads to much invisible misery. Men involve themselves in sports, competition, addiction, or chasing success goals as a distraction. As a result, Men are more susceptible to mental health issues, depression, heart attacks, and suicide.

Men also have feelings that need to be acknowledged. It seems absurd and strange to point this out, but it's necessary and cannot be ignored or sidelined anymore. Men are sensitive creatures, just like women and any other gender.

Why is it that in our society, there is no place for expression of emotion for men?.

Why can't men be vulnerable and cry for the pain they go through?

Although men create armor around themselves to appear tough and warrior-like, inwardly, there's a tender and lonely self with a painful story waiting to be expressed, seen, and heard.

A place of authentic expression for men is hard to find in this world where their vulnerability, honesty, and heart can be felt and seen, leading to their healing.

A Brotherhood gives men the opportunity to share in a safe place and beheld compassionately. They also see and recognize themselves in sharing, breaking down the walls, and building trust in themselves and others.

Brotherhoods are a necessity in a society centered on creating competition and silencing the vulnerable voice of men. When the Masculine essence within a man's heart awakens, he gets to cultivate self-awareness, understand his life path, and come to terms with his past and accept his present. This leads to self-realization, acknowledging his part, reconciliation, reclamation, developing forgiveness for self and others, holding compassion, and healing for self, others, and the world.

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September 03, 2021