Somatic Breathwork for Healing and Recovery

Somatic Breathwork for Healing and Recovery: 

Transform Your Life with Breathwork. Discover the power of breathwork for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing, recovery and well-being.

Breathwork for Healinng

Are you seeking natural and effective ways to enhance your physical, mental and emotional well-being? Breathwork, a powerful practice rooted in ancient traditions, can help you achieve just that.

Breathwork brings you to an extended state of consciousness. It is an incredibly fast and yet gentle healing technique. Through breathwork, your body releases the old limiting energies of the past, the old stories that keep us stuck in old limiting negative patterns, judgements and beliefs. 

My Name is Diyanat Ali from Hyderabad, India and I am a Certified Breathwork Clinician from Breathwork for Recovery. I am also Embodiment Trauma Care Coach and a Transformational Life coach and combine the healing power of breathwork with the growth and development through coaching. 

If you're looking for a breathwork clinician and coach to help you achieve recovery, healing and well being,  I may be the right fit for you. With over 2 decade of experience as a Educator, Facilitator and Life Coach I have done my own healing work and also helped numerous clients find healing, contentment and well being in their lives. 

The Somatic Breathwork Healing Approach

The breathwork  is a somatic approach that includes working with the Body, Emotions, Thoughts, Beliefs and Behaviors to enhance self-awareness, self mastery and well being. 

The breathwork focuses on the approaches of  healing and well being that involves a shift in awareness to a way of being that honours who you are at your core essence and creates a somatic experience  to align to your core essence and values. 

As a Breathwork Clinician,  I listen deeply to understand where you are in your life, work with you to raise level of awareness through breathwork and ask powerful questions so you can find your answers deep in your own body and being and leading your way to discovery, recovery and healing your life.

How does the breathwork method work?

We work as a team of a breathwork coach and client. We will begin with defining your intention and goals and dive deep into the body through breathwork to find out the barriers preventing you from achieving your health, well being and goals in life.

During a typical breathwork session, as the breath is allowed to work more intensely on the body, unhealed traumas will start to be brought to a level of consciousness where healing can begin to take place. Sometimes this can be cathartic, many times the trauma is directly acknowledged and released.

Benefits of Breathwork

Breathwork is a powerful tool for healing, personal growth and well being. It can help you identify and overcome health challenges, limiting beliefs, unlock your potential, and achieve well being.

Here are some benefits of breathwork sessions that can help you recover, heal and transform your life.

  • Activate and Releases suppressed trauma
  • Releases frozen emotions of fear, sadness, anger, shame, guilt 
  • Helps to break stubborn patterns and addictions
  • Enhance Phsycial Well being and  Healing
  • Enhance  Emotional Healing and well being
  • Reduce Stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Overcome Addictions
  • Gain Clarity and Direction
  • Overcome Self-Doubt.
  • Enhance Self-Awareness 
  • Enhance Well Being
  • Discover your Authenticity 
  • Realize your True Essence and Potential
  • Align with your Deeper Values
  • Discover Your Strengths
  • Overcome Limiting Beliefs
  • Transform Negative Thoughts
  • Improving Self Confidence
  • Letting Go of Conditioning
  • Release energetic imprintst that do no serve you. 


Breathwork is a powerful transformative process that supports one to clear unresolved issues, dissolve limiting decisions, freeing ourselves from the unhealthy attachment to past events, allowing us to access our essential nature.

Breathwork guides the unfolding of our full potential, generating a feeling of aliveness and a sense of inspiration as we move towards a sense of well-being and thriving.


The session is offered on Gift Culture on Sliding Scale. 

The first session will be a discovery session and free of cost, this is for me to get to know you better and for  you to get to know me and my work and ask questions. During the discovery session you may or may not breathe. 

The suggested GIFT amount is 60 USD / Rs 5000 INR for online sessions. If you're in a good space to gift more, that is appreciated. If you're in a difficult space, gifting less is fine. Either way, please be committed to your healing work.

I will share a agreement for the breathwork coaching and the payment details after I receive your first session booking.

The session will last for about 75-90 Mins and is offered online through zoom. Please have a working video camera and Mic and a comfortable place to do your breathwork where you are not disturbed.

I also offer in person sessions in metro cities of India, Please contact me to know more. 

The Breathwork Approach 

The breathwork approach is safe somatic, humanistic and person centered approach to healing and recovery that involves  the following fundamental approaches.

Somatic Body based Experience. 

The breathwork approach is reality based and works on  expereincing the wisdom of the somatic of the body sensations, feelings, thoughts and inquire into them to understand and relate to underlying causes and invite healing and well being. 

Self Discovery and Self Awareness:

Self Discovery leads to enhanced Self Awareness of ones skills, strengths, values and core beliefs.  Nobody can know about the self than the self itself. Self awareness through breathwork reveals a lot about the what, how and why of feeling, needs, thoughts, perceptions, behaviors and beliefs. This leads to increased awareness of inner and outer reality, fostering acceptance and change and recovery. 

Compassionate Inquiry:

Inquiry leads one to listen deeply and emphatically to see what is present in our entire sense of experience.  Being Open, Aware and Curious about the experience and perception invites healing, well beign and homestatis

Listening Deeply and Asking Powerful Questions:

The nature of  breathwork is driven by witnessing and listening deeply to the breathing expereinces and asking powerful questions to acknowledge the reality and message of the sensations, feelings and thoughts to raise self awareness and help the client find their own answers to their challenges and goals. 

Holding Space and Witnessing:

A safe and confidential breathing space is created for honest self expression and empathetic receiving. Holding space opens the way for deeper self exploration, introspection and reflection. Witnessing the emergence during breathwork leads to the discovery of beliefs and patterns of behaviour that lie deeper and seeing them from a place of compassionate presence brings resolution and shift in well being.


If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself. If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. "Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.  ~ Lao Tzu


Book a 90 Minutes Breathwork Session 

Breathwork Clinician and Transformational Life coach

Why work with me?

With a proven 20 year experience with 10-year corporate leadership and 10 year entrepreneurship and team management, community building, coaching and mentoring. I have a track record of achieving results, developing leaders, building teams, building companies and communities successfully and help them transition to new ways of working.

I know how to guide people adapt to change. I have been there and done that, and come out successfully to the other side where I am happier, hold a much more postive attitude,  a more fulfilled life, and with greater peace than ever before.

In addition to my professional leadership, professional development and coaching experience, I bring significant personal experience of personal development, self transformation, greater joy, peace, and satisfaction even after layoffs, health challenges, business failures, existential crises all in a relatively short period of time.

Having a coach who has undergone his own personal transformational journey through life challenges and the dark night of the soul is invaluable. When you combine the wisdom gained through these personal inner experiences with a larger understanding of change and transformation it becomes a powerful combination.

What's unique about my breathwork Approach?

I have personal experience with Breathwork, Yoga, Taichi, meditation, somatic experiencing and other stand-alone programs that I have benefited from. I use a proven experience and reseached based methodology that combines the following powerful modalities for a sum that is greater than its parts:

  • Breathwork for Recovery
  • Embodied Trauma Care Coaching. 
  • Human Potential Coaching
  • Transformation Presence Coaching
  • Human Processes Facilitation
  • Experiential Education
  • Spiritual Wayfaring in the Indian Vedic, Sufi and Shamanic Traditions
  • Vision Quests, Rites of Passage 
  • Nonviolent Communication
  • Wilderness and Nature Therapy 
  • Somatic Experiencing / Somatic Embodiment Coaching

What to expect in my breathwork sessions. 

  • A safe and nurturing space with private and confidential support 
  • Safe guidance and working with the present experience.
  • An emphathetic and warm listening presence 
  • Gentle Questioning and graceful guidance for supporting the issues that are important to you 
  • Insightful and intuitive guidance to address your specific life needs 
  • Practical solutions to help you respond to life with action, instead of reaction 

Frequently asked Questions on Breathwork for Healing and Recovery

1. What is Breathwork for Recovery?
Breathwork for receovery is a powerful self-exploration and healing practice that involves controlled, deep, and rhythmic breathing to induce altered states of consciousness, allowing for profound insights, emotional release, and personal transformation.

2. How does Breathwork work?
During a Breathwork session, participants engage in intense, rythymic breathing while lying down with their eyes closed. This sustained, rhythmic breathing can lead to a non-ordinary state of consciousness, which often involves vivid experiences, emotional catharsis, and spiritual insights.

3. What are the potential benefits of Breathwork?
Breathwork is believed to offer various benefits, including self-discovery, emotional healing, stress reduction, increased self-awareness, and a deeper connection to one's inner self and spirituality.

4. Is Breathwork safe?
When conducted by certified facilitators in a supportive and controlled environment, Breathwork is generally considered safe. However, individuals with certain medical or psychological conditions, such as epilepsy or severe mental illness, should consult with a healthcare professional before participating.

5. What can I expect during a Breathwork session?
In a typical session, participants may experience a range of sensations, emotions, and insights. This can include intense physical sensations, emotional release, and vivid imagery. Each person's experience is unique and may vary from session to session.

6. How long does a Breathwork session last?
A Breathwork session can last anywhere from 1 to 2 hours , depending on the facilitator and the individual / group's dynamics. There is usually time for integration and sharing experiences afterward.

7. Do I need any prior experience or preparation for Breathwork?
No prior experience is necessary, and the breathwork facilitators provide guidance and support to help participants prepare for and navigate the experience safely.

8. Can I do Breathwork on my own at home?
It is strongly recommended to participate in Breathwork sessions that are facilitated by trained practitioner. The faciltiator support are essential for safety and the full benefits of the practice.

9. How often should I engage in Breathwork?
The frequency of Breathwork sessions varies from person to person. Some people find value in occasional sessions, while others may choose to participate more regularly as part of their personal growth journey. We can connect and determine what serves you best. 
September 08, 2023