I am Diyanat Ali, a Transformation Coach, Leadership Development Facilitator and a Experiential Educator

I am  passionate about transformational coaching, leadership development, facilitation, experiential education and coaching individuals and teams to raise their Human Potential.

I am focused on areas of coaching, self development, experiential education, human potential development through dedicated my life to learning about adventure, outdoors and experiential education, coaching, wilderness quests, Mysticism.

Transformational Coaching

I offer inner Transformational  Coaching to help individuals and groups step out of being a victim of their past and unconsciousness feelings, beliefs, and emotions, to finally create the life they know they are meant to live. Find their true purpose and take their power back and consciously live a joyful, abundant, and spiritually in-tune life.

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Selfcraft - a quest for freedom

Self Craft focuses on enhancing intra-personal awareness to develop a strong self presence through inner-work and guided inquiry and self discovery processes

The selfcraft ia unique way of reconnecting, rediscovering and crafting anew the so far forgotten and unattended to, self. A journey set in the beautiful wilderness, the odyssey of self discovery, using specially curated practices, exercises, rituals and ceremonies that are secular and invitational, will focus on connecting with the sensory world through nature and body to access feelings and emotions, and finally the question, buried underneath, who am I? What is my true Nature? What is my purpose?

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Menswork / Rites of Passage

The menswork passage or vision quests includes powerful rituals such as the talking stick, drumming, a bonfire gathering, storytelling, poetry, workshops, breath work, and small group exercises. Throughout the weekend, the experiential activities encourage us to honor ourselves and share the passions, paths and purposes that enrich our lives.

Mens Initiation and Personal Quest


Diyanat Ali founded Outlife in 2012. Outlife specializes in conducting Experiential Education, Outbound Training, Outdoor Management Development and Team building programs all over India. Outlife got featured on ETNow Channel in Dec 2016 for innovation in the field of Training and Experiential Education.

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Great Hyderabad Adventure Club

Diyanat Ali founded the Great Hyderabad Adventure Club - GHAC in May 2008 and nurtured it along with the GHAC team to make it the largest and most Active adventure club in India with over 30000 members, 300 Outdoor Instructors. GHAC has conducted over 5000 adventure events across India. GHAC was featured in the Limca Book of Records 2013 for it's growth and impact in promoting Adventure.


Diyanat Ali is a graduate of the Founder Institute and Startup Leadership where he studied entrepreneurship. He studied Computer Science Engineering in his bachelor's and MBA Marketing in his Master's. He has a Diploma in Experiential Education and several certifications in Training and Development, Behavioral Competency, Facilitation Skills, Group Processes and Human Potential Coaching.

Diyanat was a speaker at TEDxDeccan in July 2011 and TEDxSREC in Feb 2017.

in his previous avatar Diyanat Ali worked as a IT Manager for a telecom company for 11 years and moved on to pursue his love and passion for Outdoors, Experiential Education, Training and Coaching .

During his school and college days Diyanat Ali was a member of the National Cadet Corps - Army Wing and completed A,B & C level Certificates. He was the Senior Under Officer and participated in the Republic Day Camp - New Delhi as the Best Cadet from Andhra Pradesh in the year 1997.

Diyanat takes up assignments as motivational speaker, panelist and key note speaker to share his passion for adventure, outdoors and experiential learning.

Diyanat has deep interest in facilitating  spiritual and esoteric process of Sufi  Zikr, Shamanic Journeying, Yoga, Vision Quests, Soulcraft. etc

His domain expertise include

Team Performance Coaching
Inner Transformational Coaching
Self Transformational Coaching
Life Coaching
Leadership Development
Management Development
Team Building and Team Bonding
Developing High Performance Teams
Experiential Learning
Outdoor Leadership
Outbound Training
Adventure Based Learning
Wilderness Survival
Train the Trainer programs

May 15, 2019