Mencraft Sacred Brotherhood Circle for Men

Mencraft - Sacred Brotherhood Circle for Men

Mencraft is sacred brotherhood circle for men who long to grow in their inner leadership and self transformation.  It is a safe space for healing, growth and evolution of the inner masculine where men participate and serve each other through sharing, listening and offering empathy. 

Every Man aspires to stand in his full capability and express his immense potential and presence in all aspects of life. He is born with a sacred masculinity waiting to be expression and lived. And when he can get in touch with his inner divine masculinity, he gets clarity of his purpose, and feels liberated and responsible to himself, his family and society. 

About Mencraft:

Mencraft is offered as  a Men’s initiation journey/personal quest and a sacred brotherhood circle creating possibilities and space for men's healing, growth and evolution. The connection men experience in the initiation rites of passage and the  sacred brotherhood circles is deeply enriching and fulfilling. The Sacred Brotherhood  provides a solid basis for necessary healing and support on the path towards a healthy and mature version of masculinity, so needed in our society today.  

Who is it for: 

The transformative space is for Men 21 years and above.

It will appeal to men in any profession and life stage but, more importantly, to those who intend to journey within towards their own mature and sacred masculinity. 

This Circles are offered twice a month for 2 hours on zoom . 

The Need for Mens Brotherhood

The world believes in the survival of the fittest. Men are conditioned to man-up and become warriors as if they have to fight against each other and with life. They are told they need to be successful to be appreciated and recognized, provide for the family, rear children, be good at their jobs. If they are not able to do all this, then they are considered and treated as weak. For men, this dichotomy of toughness and weakness is a continuous part of their daily life....

Behind all the roles and responsibilities, men are humans too and feel emotions. They long to express their inner truth without being ridiculed, labelled, or judged. They want to be held compassionately in their authenticity and in the challenges they face on a day to day basis. More than anything in the world, men just want to be heard for who they are.
In a manly world, bonding and self-expression for men usually happen through drinking, sports, and success at work, leading to competition among men. Men are conditioned to compete to be the best. In this way, they ultimately distrust, fight, and fear each other.

Deep within their hearts, Men long to heal. Multiple things have caused them trauma. The suffering of men has its roots in the misunderstanding of their very role in the society they live in. From adverse childhood experiences to difficulties with their peers back in school/ college, challenges with women they wanted to love and be loved, unresolved issues with their mother or father/brother, domestic violence, and time away from kids and legal matters.
Facing this immense trauma and setback, most men have bottled up their feelings and created a feel-nothing world. Their self-expression has not been possible for years.
The prejudice that men cannot suffer leads to much invisible misery. Men involve themselves in sports, competition, addiction, or chasing success goals as a distraction. As a result, Men are more susceptible to mental health issues, depression, heart attacks, and suicide.
Men also have feelings that need to be acknowledged. It seems absurd and strange to point this out, but it's necessary and cannot be ignored or sidelined anymore. Men are sensitive creatures, just like women and any other gender.
Why is it that in our society, there is no place for expression of emotion for men?.
Why can't men be vulnerable and cry for the pain they go through?

Although men create armour around themselves to appear tough and warrior-like, inwardly, there's a tender and lonely self with a painful story waiting to be expressed, seen, and heard.
A place of authentic expression for men is hard to find in this world where their vulnerability, honesty, and heart can be felt and seen, leading to their healing.

A Brotherhood gives men the opportunity to share in a safe place and be held compassionately. They also see and recognize themselves in others sharing, breaking down the walls and building trust in themselves and others.
Brotherhoods are a necessity in a society centred on creating competition and silencing the vulnerable voice of men. 

When the Masculine essence within a man's heart is awakened, he can cultivate self-awareness, understand his life path, and come to terms with his past and accept his present. This leads to self-realization, acknowledging his part, reconciliation, reclamation, developing forgiveness for self and others, holding compassion, and healing for self, others and the world.

What will be the Experience Like:

In this sacred circle, we will create a trusted safe space where one can speak from our hearts and share both our joys and pains, where we can listen and receive empathically from our deeper and open hearts 

We will practice and reinforce some Sacred Masculine standards with responsibility, care and compassion. 

We will also practice several rituals and self-attunement practices that will enable us to open ourselves up to the experience of developing a wholesome self- presence. 

What can you expect :

The space will be a place for deeper conversations to cultivate a soulful relationship with ourselves, others, and life. In this reconnection with our inner and outer nature in presence of other men, we will find our own understanding, liberation, and embodiment of ourselves.

A typical Circle is for about 2 Hours on zoom or in person and involves. 

  • Setting the Space.
  • Arrival and Centering
  • Honoring Agreements
  • Check-in and Intention Sharing.
  • Open space for sharing and listening from the heart, offering empathy.
  • Practice of self attunement exercises.
  • Checkout.

What can you Harvest: 

Mencraft Sacred Circles offer a possibility for marking significant shifts for participants, to develop self-awareness and connect with their masculine energy to be in mindful presence and in greater service of the self, family, work and society. 

Mencraft is offered to invite men to let go of things that do not serve them through personal observation, listening and self inquiry. Develop a greater presence in mind, body, emotion and spirit towards a more authentic masculine presence.

On a more personal level, participants will identify the standards they wish to bring to their lives in terms of actions to help them be who they wish to be. And, most importantly, a community of brothers to belong to. 

Mencraft can be a space to learn how to serve the circle and create your own men circles if you wish to.

Sacred brotherhood circles are conducted twice a month for 2 hours per session. to be part of the circles apply at

Approaches to the Sacred Brotherhood Circle

  • Way of the Circle
  • Way of Council
  • Way of the Divine Masculine
  • Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Stillness and Silence.
  • Self Attunement Inclusive Practices from the Sufi / Shamanic / Vedic Mystical Traditions. 
  • Servant Leadership
  • Nonviolent communication (NVC)
  • What is a Sacred Brotherhood

    The brotherhood is a sacred space for the divine masculine to be self realized within by gently letting go of all that which is it is not. This happens when men get together and connect with their inner presence in a circle. The Circle leads and  shows the way.  There will be Stewards who serve the circle. 

    • Its a sacred circle [for healing, growth, and unlocking your inner masculine]
    • Its space of stillness and listening to your heart and the heart of other men.
    • Its a space where men can show up in their authenticity. 
    • The space itself is the Tao / Spirit / Shiva [all solutions will appear by itself from the space]
    • Its a space of self-realization
    • Its a space to serve the self and other men. 
    • Its a age old practice of healing and growth
    • Its a space for sharing ones joys and pains in life.
    • Its a Compassionate space- holding
    The Divine Masculine energy is both subtle and sublime and it does its work in the Circle without the need for anyone to lead. 

    What the Sacred Brotherhood Circle is not. 

    • Its a not a feel good brotherhood
    • Its not a successful male or a alpha male program.
    • Its not a place for sharing your hobbies interest and achievements. 
    • Its not a space to talk about sports, women or politics in general.
    • Its not a space for giving advice, helping, fixing anyone.
    • Its not a space for counselling, therapy or coaching.
    • Its not a space to lead other men.
    • Its not a men’s fraternity [fraternities gather for recreation & identity]
    • Its not a space for success or networking.
    • Its not a space for accountability.

    Why am I Serving the Circle.

    I had immensely benefited from men's initiation, self-discovery quests and nature-based esoteric practices in the vedic, shamanic and sufi traditions. It has transformed me as a person to find my truth, unique expression, and deep authenticity. The intention behind offering this mencraft journey is to share the gift I received from my masters and contribute to my own healing and joy by serving others' journeys of self-discovery and healing.

    Cost:  Service

    The Brotherhood Circle is offered as a Service to men with No monetary cost. Your investment is of your time and presence. 

    If you would like to support this work you can choose to gift anything  in any form you wish to give: money, service, volunteering etc. 

    About the Steward:

    DiyanatAli is an initiated facilitator in esoteric path of shamanic and sufi wayfaring and practices Sayr wa Suluk (Sufi Spiritual Wayfaring). He is also initiated facilitator for menswork and conducts initiation and rite of passage for men.

    Diyanat received his training and initiation into menswork from Sujith Ravindran. The training involved conducting rites of passage and initiation of men, facilitating sacred brotherhood circles for healing of men. Diyanat is part of fireworks, an international brotherhood circle of initiated men from around the world. 

    Diyanat also underwent training and certification in facilitation for rites of passage and  conducting ceremonies from somatic wilderness institute, USA

    Diyanat is a successful entrepreneur and adventurer having founded the Great Hyderabad Adventure Club, he has personally lead over 600 expeditions over a decade and has expertise in outdoor safety, wilderness survival, trekking, outdoor education, nature education, eco-psychology.

    Founder CEO of Outlife, a company that offers programs in outbound training and experiential education, Leadership Development for corporate and schools. 

    He brings with him a decade of IT Management experience and another decade of Human Resources and Learning and Development experience . 

    Diyanat is a Certified Human Potential Coach, Human Design Practitioner, NLP Practitioner,  NVC Practitioner, Trainer, Facilitator and Educator.

    Diyanat has a flair in understanding participants needs, Listens deeply and emphatically, holding space for participants to co- create learning moments and invite change. He has an innate ability to create safe and engaging learning environments to help participants open up in conversation, share, learn and heal within deeply.


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    Assumptions and Basic Premise for Mencraft Brotherhood Circle. 

    Every Human can only heal themselves; no one else can heal others. In other words, therapists, coaches, mentors and guides may help people, but primarily people only heal themselves. No one else can solve our fundamental life problems, and I am not intending to take such a task with mencraft, no one can. My ultimate intention with mencraft is to help you help yourself where you are responsible and accountable for yourself and ready to walk through the difficult path of self awareness, self realisation and self transformation.

    Everyone has the potential for vitality and wholesomeness, but for many of us these are hard to actualize. However, having the right learning and conducive environment and the right guide can bring us closer to materializing them.

    Nothing in mencraft brotherhood is intended to be a substitute for professional psychological, psychiatric or medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment in any form.

    July 04, 2021