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I am I and You are You.

I am incomparable and a unique being and you are incomparable and a unique being.
I do my thing and you do your thing.
I am not in this world to live upto your expectations and you are not in the world to live up to mine.
You are you and I am I, and if by chance we can agree with each other somewhere, its beautiful.
If not, you be yourself, I will be myself and lets accept each other and live in peace, else it cant be helped.

Trusting the unknown future

It's one thing to think about the uncertain future, and another thing to think about it so much unfavorably that you fill yourself with worry and stress over something that is not yet there and you haven't even experienced it yet.Noticing the unknown:
The difficulty of facing anything unknown arises because we are uncomfortable with the unknown and not necessarily because the unknown is frightening. Everyday and every moment we are actually facing the unknown that we don't even notice it in our comfort and attachment to certainty.
Need for Knowingness:
Many of us have our identities and lives are built around our “knowingness” in the comfort of safety and certainity, so tightly that we are stressed at facing  anything that is unknown, uncomfortable or has an unknown future.Cherishing the Present:
Our fear of the unknown manifests in a seemingly eternal feeling of worry,  stress and doom, however wasting time stressing out about the unknown and the future is time that could …

Hyderabad Mein Aisich Boltey - Baigan ke Bataan

Hyderabad Mein Aisich boltey - Baigan ke bataan
Bhook lagi toh - Dabake Lagri boltey
Khana hai toh - Biryani boltey
Peena hai toh - Irani Chai boltey
Nachna hai toh - Marfa boltey
Kuch Bhi Puche toh - Hau boltey
Nai hona toh - Nakko boltey
Thodi thodi bat ko - Party diyo bolte
Kaise hai puche toh - Zabardast boltey
Kam kaisa chalra puche toh - Chindiyaan boltey
Kam kaisa kara puche toh - Hiladiya boltey
Bohat acha Kare toh - Mout Daldiya Bolte
Rasta Puche toh - Seedha Jao boltey
Nai Samjhe toh - Kiya hai Ki Kiya nai ki boltey.
Tension aya toh - Lite lelo boltey
Gussa Kare toh - Janedo boltey
Dimag kharab hogaya toh - Ma ki Kirkiri boltey
Dhamkae toh - Aando boltey
Ladliye toh - Utah patak boltey
Mu phutagaya toh - Dukaan tudgai boltey.
Jootey Khae toh - Dhekletoun boltey
Dil Puchey toh - Jaan lelo boltey
Kuch Kho gaya toh - Jando boltey
Kab ara puche toh - Abich aroun boltey
Kaan hai puche toh - Koney pe hun boltey
Nai aaye toh - Handle diya boltey
Kuch puche toh - Nai malum boltey

Dealing with Worrisome Thoughts

Many of our fears and anxieties come from thinking what could possibly go wrong in future, an imagination that becomes cyclical and causes suffering even before anything imagined has actually taken place.  
What if I fall ill?. What if a loved one falls I'll?.  What if the situation does not improve. How will I earn money. How will I and my family survive. Etc, etc.
These are thoughts that happen in the mind on their own and maybe valid.  however the suffering starts when one identifies and gets hooked into the cyclical and obbessive nature of these thoughts.
There is an underlying assumption in the mind that if I am not worrying about these thoughts, I am not controlling my life,  I am not safe and I need to do something about it. However these thoughts are imagined in the future, there is nothing to address now except dealing with fear and anxiety comming from the  cyclical nature of these worrisome thoughts. Just like its difficult to find a black cat in a dark room especially if …