It's one thing to think about the uncertain future, and another thing to think about it so much unfavorably that you fill yourself with worry and stress over something that is not yet there and you haven't even experienced it yet.

Noticing the unknown:
The difficulty of facing anything unknown arises because we are uncomfortable with the unknown and not necessarily because the unknown is frightening. Everyday and every moment we are actually facing the unknown that we don't even notice it in our comfort and attachment to certainty.

Need for Knowingness:
Many of us have our identities and lives are built around our “knowingness” in the comfort of safety and certainity, so tightly that we are stressed at facing  anything that is unknown, uncomfortable or has an unknown future.

Cherishing the Present:
Our fear of the unknown manifests in a seemingly eternal feeling of worry,  stress and doom, however wasting time stressing out about the unknown and the future is time that could be better spent cherishing the present.

Trusting the unknown:
There is a also a great contentment in the beingness of knowing that you’ll know what you need to know when you need to know it and the wisdom that there are things that can just be felt and not known ever.

Trusting the unknown gives inner peace and gives the serenity that we will be able to do our best possible in every moment.

The Now as forever moment:
Think of the "Now" moment as a container in which the future will also arrive in the present moment and that you are always fully supported and equipped to embrace it all the time and when you feel you are not,  be open to life's outcomes and surrender to "What Is".

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April 27, 2020