SelfCraft - A Quest for Self Discovery

Facilitator: Diyanat Ali
Dates: 21 Dec - 29 Dec 2019
Place: Nasik Dist, Maharashtra, India

The Next Selfcraft will be held in 19 - 29 Dec 2020 at Nasik

About the Journey:

The self, is our unique way of being in this world and Selfcraft is a 9 days quest in the wilderness, a journey designed to reconnect, rediscover and craft anew the so far forgotten and unattended to, self. Set in the beautiful wilderness of the forts and villages of Nasik district, Maharashtra, the odyssey of self discovery, using specially curated practices, exercises, rituals and ceremonies that are secular and invitational, will focus on connecting with the inner world through the body, emotions, mind and the spirit and finally the question, buried underneath, who am I? What is my true Nature? What is my purpose?

Who is it for:

The transformative expedition is for Wo/men 21 years and above. It will appeal to men and women in any life stage but more importantly to those who intent to take the inner journey within or are already on the path of self awareness, self-discovery, self leadership, personal mastery.

What can you Harvest:

Selfcraft Journey offers a possibility for marking significant life changes for participants, to develop Self awareness and connect with self. Healing, closures to conversations and relations. Creative and epistemic shift in consciousness, self perceptions and core beliefs leading to enhanced self awareness, personal mastery, self leadership, mindful presence, wholesomeness and greater meaning in lives, family and work. Self-integration at different levels. A deeper understanding and connect with one’s body, emotions, needs, values and with other selfs/participants and nature.

Selfcraft is offered with an intention to help you to develop a greater presence in mind, body, feeling, spirit and speech and to connect with yourself, your awareness in a fully embodied authentic presence.

On a more personal level, participants will identify the standards they wish to bring to their lives in terms of actions, that will help them be, who they wish to be. And most importantly a community of journeyers, to belong to.

What can you expect :

During these 9 days, we will leave the comfort of daily life and head into the uncertainty of the great outdoors in a safe and supportive environment. We will focus on enhancing intra-personal awareness to develop a strong self - presence through inner-work, guided inquiry and self - discovery processes. We will have deeper conversations with the self, nature and cultivate a soulful relationship with ourselves, others and life. In this reconnection with nature we will find our own understanding, liberation and embodiment of our selfs.

The Journey is in 3 phases of 3 days each. Separation, Transition and ReUnion.

The Separation or Severance phase is about leaving everything behind.
Separation begins as soon as you feel the call to a new adventure, a quest to find your true identity.
It is the phase of preparing to leave everything behind, gathering together just what you will need for your journey. You are preparing to leave a known life while the unknown awaits you.

Transition or Threshold or Passaging  is the time between the leaving behind the known and embracing the unknown and with its newer discoveries.    This is the time of solitude, hunger, exposure and the powerful trials that will test your human spirit and your purpose to transition to what you have come for. Here Time can slow down and the stillness of the nature can be very powerful. As your thoughts begin to empty out, you can look into the pool of your own being, noticing how you are, what your dreams are made of, what you need to let go of. This is also a time for adaptability with the natural environment, even if it is hard because adaptability is very essential to survive in life. During the transition period, you will live simply in nature, learning her lessons, as human beings have done for thousands of years. In this phase you lay the old to rest and breed on new self. This is a unique encounter with yourself and nature.

The Reunion or Incorporation or Arrival phase begins with integration, assimilation and incorporation of new standards and preparation to return to a new life.  You have to come off the wilderness and return to family, friends and community. This may be the hardest part of the journey! To live the hard-won knowledge and insight you’ve found will take courage, but the world needs the gift of your understanding and insight. The Quest was not only about you but about your family, people and community.

In this journey,  we will practice and reinforce some sacred life standards with care, kindness, compassion and love. We will interact with the elements of nature and participate in a set of exercises and ceremonies and that will expand our inner wisdom, heal our wounds, awaken our inner voice and free us from some of the past conditioning's that control our lives.

We will also practice several rituals and self-attunement practices that will enable us to open ourselves up to the experience of developing a wholesome self- presence. And return with the gift of the self. For ourselves, those we love and the humanity at large.

Why am I offering this Program:

I had immensely benefited by wilderness quests and it has changed me as a person to find my truth, unique expression and deep authenticity. The intention behind offering this selfcraft journey is sharing the gift I received and continue being in service of others journey of self discovery along with continuing my own selfcraft journey.

Energy Exchange:

The programme is offered on a ‘COST + giftivism basis [you will cover your share of stay, food & other basic necessities]. The costs per participant are estimated to be between INR 9000 -12000.

Facilitator: You may choose to pay as/what you wish to Facilitator at the end of the quest.


Only 12 participants are taken into the programme. Once you have filled the form, Facilitator will arrange a 1-1 video chat with you to see if this programme is ideal for you and communicate accordingly. To register please fill this form at

Please note that this program is designed in nature/outdoors. It is rustic with very minimal facilities


It was during one of those tornado phases of my life when I was overwhelmed with deep anguish, struggling to find my answer to “ Why am I on this earth/in this life”? that I met Diyanat and he agreed to support my self-quest journey.

 “What do you want to do with this question? Engage with it? let it go? What is your calling?”  And then every session/conversation was deep empathetic listening and a series of questions, tough to delve in, engage with yet raised gently with care and compassion.

His rich repertoire of knowledge, experience, skills and tools- he holds expertise in, right from textual knowledge on self realization/discovery processes to developmental psychology, principles and processes of behavior change, energy work principles, esoteric practices, human design, shamanic processes, practices and rituals  has left me inspired to continue learning and growing. Even more
importantly the wisdom and humility with which he uses them, in service of self  discovery process.

While Diyanat held space for me as I was moving from one stage of behavior to another, by providing reference readings, tools, processes and practices he maintained very firmly I took charge of my journey and progress and did my share of work to strengthen my muscles and limbs in self understanding, healing  and mindfulness work.

To support journeyers, become self reliant and sustain their long journey, he operates strongly from a space that while self quest/journey is an individual journey, it becomes more meaningful when taken with a community of journeyers.
Diyanat’s facilitation broke my long held belief that self work is only inner work, done through meditation alone. His facilitation, enabled me see how self work permeates through working with one’s body, childhood socialization, unknowingly held beliefs and perceptions, aspirations, needs and motivation, fears and traumas passed on from earlier generations. As a result I am able to have a very wholesome, inclusive, interdependent experience of self and self  work.

- Anita Dagar

Experiencing walks with Diyanat has always been enriching experience in many ways. Beauty lies in the meaningfulness that Diyanat brings to the journey. I have been working with top corporate for more than 20 years now and say for sure that these experiences are uncommon, infrequent, and go beyond the realm of everyday life. These walks transformed me to lead a better, healthier and happier life. To know who you really are, to converse with thy true self, to access true and full potential, to find essence and purpose of life and to find the key to real happiness… are few amongst many benefits of Journey, I have experienced. Each step of the journey, each breath is like crafting your true self. Crafting off what is unreal, what you are not and crafting 

-Anup Talwar.

The facilitator-coach profession is inhabited by people with different mindsets. One doesn't always encounter practitioners whose purpose is to help their fellow human. Nor does one regularly encounter practitioners who keep working on themselves and their craft.
Diyanat is among that rare breed that is both passionate about helping people and honing his own craft.
His latest "SelfCraft" expedition is something I am quite enthused by.

-Aman Zaidi 

About the Facilitator:

DiyanatAli is an initiated facilitator in energy healing and esoteric healing practices of shamanic and sufi energy healing and practices Sayr wa Suluk (Sufi Spiritual Wayfaring). He is also initiated facilitator for menswork and conducts initiation and rite of passage for men.

A successful entrepreneur and adventurer having founded the Great Hyderabad Adventure Club, he has personally lead over 500 expeditions over a decade and has expertise in outdoor safety, wilderness survival, trekking, outdoor education, nature education, eco-psychology.

Founder CEO of Outlife, a learning and development company that offers outbound training and experiential education, Leadership Development for corporate and schools, he brings with him a decade of IT Management experience. Diyanat is also a Human Potential Coach, NVC Practitioner, Trainer, Facilitator and Educator.

Diyanat has a flair in understanding participants needs as well. Listening deeply and emphatically, holding space for participants to co- create learning moments and invite change. He has an innate ability to create safe and engaging environments to help participants open up in conversation, share, learn and heal deeply.


To register please fill this form at


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