Living with Risk Taking

A fundamental aspect of daily life is the willingness and desire to take risks. Living without risk isn't living fully in a way. Living is about taking risks despite being aware that safety and love can bring fear and sorrow at any time.

We tend to shut ourselves off from the world to shield ourselves from perceived danger. We go into our inner mental world, create a false citadel, and indulge in self-censorship.

We stay away from relationships. We create stories in our heads of all the possibilities we can accomplish - or what we could do, should the world allow us to do it.

This way of living is a form of self-deceit known as living in "Bad Faith." Living in Bad faith is an inability to accept the world in its current condition and accept ourselves for who we are and others for who they are.

We often believe in confronting our fears. But we don't realize how interconnected our fears are to our beliefs about who we are, what we value, and how we wish the world was.

Living with Risk Taking

Risk-taking is living with the truth. The most crucial thing regarding risk taking is engaging with the truth. It's about looking at reality directly in eye and having the strength and determination not to ignore it, not wish it was different, no matter the hurt, the discomfort, or the pain.

If we look deeply enough, we can find the joy beneath the suffering, the beauty beneath the ugliness, and the peace beneath the discomfort.

When we take risks in such a manner in our daily lives, we'll be able to determine what's worth living for and what worth dying for means.

What risks are you willing to take today?

risk taking
February 19, 2023