Whether you acknowledge it or not, our higher self exists; whether we are aware of it or not, it's often buried under our persona and the conditioning of family, school, and society.

Personal Identities are learned abstract concepts that we choose to believe as who we are. These identities define us into a relatively small selection of roles and character traits, even when they do not represent our authentic self in any way. 

Rediscover higher self

This confusion and conflict between the inner voice and the personal identities become a constant battle. It further gets compounded each day as our society regularly influences us to suppress our physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual capacities. 

Yet somewhere deep within, we continue to hear the voice of our higher self. The higher self is often buried under deep layers of apathy, fear, shame, and guilt.  When we listen to our higher self, we can recognize our true power, luminosity, and light within. This inner light longs to express and help us live an authentic life of joy, grace, love, and peace.

If you recall your childhood, you will remember that your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors were once expressions of your true self. As you grew up, you may have learned that speaking and acting in specific ways would keep you safe and protected, get your needs met, and get approval from caretakers and significant people in your life. As you remember your childhood, you feel that you are not a personality but more of a joyful being. 

There are many ways to recapture the authenticity which you once articulated so freely in childhood. "Selfcraft - A quest for self-discovery" includes self-awareness practices that can liberate you from the bonds of learned behavior that compels you to downplay your uniqueness. 

It includes connecting with your inner nature and outer nature, and these practices can remind you of the authenticity you were meant to play in this lifetime. To realize your greater purpose, you must embrace your higher self by letting go of all that does not serve you any longer, embracing the light of your being, and sharing your gifts no matter the consequences. 

Rediscovering who you are can take time, courage, and determination. You may find it initially challenging to separate your true identity from the personal identity you have created to live safely in the world around you. 

Once you choose to be your authentic self, you will be overcome by an exquisite sense of wholeness as you reconcile your intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects with your higher self and outer-world personas. As you enter to walk this path, unity and presence descends and supports your alignment and integration. 

Through this alignment and integration, you will discover that you have ample enthusiasm and energy to fulfill your great purpose on this earth. 

Come, Be part of the rediscovery of your authenticity.

Selfcraft is a personal transformation program and includes an eleven-day transitional change journey conducted in the wilderness. A journey designed to reconnect, rediscover and craft anew the so far forgotten and unattended to self.

SelfCraft - A Quest for Self Discovery

Selfcraft Quest Dates: 20 - 30 Jan 2022

Place: Satara Dist Wilderness of Maharashtra, India

To Apply and know more, visit https://bit.ly/selfcraft

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October 30, 2021