When we confine ourselves to the external things only, we lose touch with our true essence. Loss of Self and Self alienation is a shrouded misfortune suffered by millions of humans in a culture that exclusively centers around outer accomplishments. 

The costs of this self-abandonment are seen in every aspect of the misfortunes of human life. This Loss of self is experienced as an emptiness at our center, a feeling that our lives don't make sense, a sense that something essential is missing. 

The experience of self-loss can be troubling and confusing. Not knowing how to connect with our inner self, we deny its very presence to lessen the pain. But this alienation is difficult to suppress or eliminate.

Still, the self stirs out from its concealed profundities, unendingly calling, pushing up like a plant through the cracks in the concrete wall of our lives. We catch glimpses of our self externally and in our dreams, in our fantasies, the people we worship, the poems we love, the books we read, and in the glimpses of nature, in sunsets and sunrises and the stillness of the oceans.

Loss of self

When we abandon ourselves, we have a hard time trusting ourselves, we don't value ourselves, we don't act in our own best interest, we hide parts of us, we hide our feelings and needs, our beliefs, and our ideas – all to fit in the external world or please others? We diminish or discount ourselves because we think we don't really matter. In this bargain, we disconnect and oppress ourselves. We suffer Self Loss. 

Many of us long to connect with ourselves; however, we are unaware of the path to take. There are many known and unknown fears on the path that stop us from trying enough. We fear uncertainty. We fear what will befall us? What will happen to our well-deserved identities? What will happen to our accomplishments and accumulations? What will happen to our positions? What will others say?. 

We continue to feel our own profound yearning and tend to commend or compare with other's achievements. We continue pursuing self-improvement guides and going to self-advancement programs, thinking it will help us discover our true selves someday. All these support, but barely do they remove all the veils of obscurity fully. When the self is heard and seen but not liberated, we fall into distress and despair.

Yet we frantically and desperately seek to connect with the self and to live the life that awaits us inside us. We yearn to contribute and make the world a better place. But it often seems we are drifting further away from these aspirations. It breaks our hearts to see the inward hopelessness in widespread human wretchedness and the ecological degradation around us. Our collective dread and gloom erupt as blame, anger, and despair the world over. 

Every day we are lost in the thousand and one interruptions and distractions that stifle the self's internal cry. Frequently these distractions are in the form of addictions of consumerism, junk and binge eating, substance abuse, alcohol addiction, Withdrawal from life, Chain Smoking, Compulsive Sex, Pornography, Workaholism, fundamentalism, Risky thrill-seeking, gambling, and excessive TV watching or internet addiction, all of these contribute further to the alienation of the self and deterioration of our humane world. 

Self Loss also shows up in emotional and relationship issues. In our tensions and fears, in the despondencies and diversions. Yet the alienation from the self is more than a mid-life crisis or an emotional meltdown. Loss of self is a major issue humans face. It is an unseen problem at the center of our human misfortunes.

For it's not just our distractions and addictions that emerge from self-loss; the crises of our external world can be traced there as well. When we become alienated from our true inner nature, we lose our authenticity. We lose regard for our own image and those of others, resulting in collective oppression and hopelessness in our world as a direct consequence of collective self-abandonment.

When we lose touch with ourselves, we create an external image to relate with. We don't have the foggiest idea about who we are and what we are good for. This very absence of self-connection, a sense of purpose and belonging further increases injustice and oppression against the self.

We must now face and confront this brutal reality that neither education nor organized religion or science will save us from our self-inflicted misfortunes. Our technological advances, psychotherapies, politics, and religious fundamentalism have led us away from our own wholeness and away from the self, from harmony within ourselves, between each other, and between us and the humane world. 

It is time now for a radical shift, one that can begin within the wild reaches of our individual existences of us getting deeper and asking whether our selves may know something that will help us restore our connection, belonging, wholeness, presence, peace, and love. 

Come, be part of the selfcraft journey and rediscover and re-integrate your long-forgotten self.

October 02, 2021