Time may seem like many moments put together. If I look close enough, it is just one moment of 'NOW'

Life is always Now. Everything emerges in this constant Now. This Now moment is the external constant container in which life forms unfolds. 

My witnessing awareness that notices all the life forms inside me and outside is the Internal constant presence.

The witnessing awareness is the formless. The visible world is the form, the form includes my body, emotions, thoughts etc.

The formless is my Presence that is in awareness. It's the source for the manifesting the form. 

Total Identification with the external form can separate me from the formless presence. When I accept the Now 'as it is' the form and formless get connected. 

The separation between the world and my Being reduces and I experience the joy of life as it unfolds in the Now. 

The state of my presence results  from the awareness of be both the form and the formless, inner spaciousness and outer spaciousness, inner and outer awareness. A beautiful aware Balance.

The body, the breath and the Now moment are the channels to balance inner and outer awareness. 

Whenever I become anxious or stressed, my outer purpose and Doing is taking over my awareness and Being and I am distancing from my inner purpose.

 When I get lost into the doing with no awareness of my Being, I am forgetting that my Being is primary, all else is secondary.

Anxiety, stress and negativity arise in me when I lose touch from the Now moment thinking something else is more important. 

When I give something else more importance, I have forgotten my primary purpose of witnessing consciousness  and I create a world of suffering in my attachment to life forms.

Surrender to the present moment in which a life situation or form emerges keeps me aware and in peace . 

I still hold choice to accept the life situation as it is, do something about it or move away from the life situation without the need to create resistance or suffering.

I can choose the life situation in the  present moment as a friend or a enemy. Life forms are inseparable from present moment as they unfold into it. 

When I welcome whatever emerges, resistance reduces, life forms becomes friendly, people become friendly, circumstances cooperate, there is freedom and choice, a third way emerges. 

Our secondary purpose may always seem to lie in the dimension of time due to a social agreement in how we interpret events into time, the primary purpose always lies in the Now moment and is inseparable from the Now. When I am in the Now I am in touch with life's reality. 

I balance my secondary and primary purpose by realising that my entire life journey consists of the step I am taking at this moment. 

There is always only this one step and I give it my fullest attention. The form emerging inside the awareness of this moment are secondary. My step in the Now is primary. 

My staying with the primary step creates the quality of how I experience the secondary forms. My experience of secondary life forms depends on my state of awareness in the Now .

When I am aware of the Now, I am with the power of Life itself, I am life itself. As soon as I identify with life forms, I turn away from the direct experience of the spirit of life and I am left with mental concepts and interpretation of life through the mind. 

The joy of Being is the only true Joy that is felt only in the awareness of Now moment and in awareness of my witnessing presence. 

Life's Joy emanates from the formless being inside me, from consciousness itself and this is one with who I Am. My true nature is   'I Am' the witnessing presence.

Excerpts from the New Earth - Eckhart Tolle. 
July 03, 2021