Integrity has a inward and a outward aspect.  The primary step in integrity entails reconciling our own conflicting inner parts so our thoughts, speech and action is aligned to our intention and action.

the next step in integrity is the courage and wisdom  to authentically state our feelings and say what we want or need

The third step in integrity is always living as per one values and allowing the values to guide ones intention, thought and action.

Here are some of my personal understanding on integrity and its traits. 
  • Knowing oneself and expressing it.
  • Speaking my truth, Living my Truth.
  • Honoring agreements, Keeping Promises
  • Taking personal Responsibility and Commitment towards work/relations/life.
  • Admitting own mistakes and taking responsibility for one's actions.
  • Emotional Honesty. Honest Self Expression.
  • Alignment in Thinking, Speaking, Doing and Being
  • Respect for self, others and life
  • Being in harmony with self, others, life.
  • Not giving into pressure, or promises of gain.
  • Adherence to Moral, ethical and legal standards to which one is member of / has agreed to as a group, citizen etc. 
  • Being whole and complete within  / alignment with all inner parts. 
  • Being trustworthy irrespective of the conditions. 
  • Living in line with your highest vision / ideals / motives.
  • Having the courage and authenticity to be able to say to self and to the world, ‘Like it or not, this is who I am in my strengths and weakness,’ and then living that truth.
July 03, 2021