Life is Happening for You and not to You.

 Sometimes change in life comes in the blink of an eye. Our mind may agree it is for the better, or think it is for the worse. But we cannot avoid change at all.

Many things will change over the course of your life, however there is one thing that will never change: that is Awareness. The constant point of perception that "you are" is unchanging.

In this world of polarities (we consider "up" in relation to "down" or "hot" in relation to "cold", "Pain" in relation to "Joy/Well Being").  We can only recognize these changes because of the constant "Inner Being" part of ourselves that does not change ever.

Accepting life unconditionally means knowing that life can shift without Warning, just as the wind changes direction, but the strength of our inner being and intent allows us to not only adapt to whatever life brings but also to thrive in any circumstances.

When we are in the present moment with acceptance of "What Life brings" we continuously flow along with life.

Remember that you are the constant "Inner Being" witnessing the every changing flow of life.

Every change that is occurring is happening "for you" but not "to you"

April 30, 2021