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Barriers to Self Growth and Transformation

  The path of selfgrowth is similar to farming. What you will sow is what your will reap.   This post is a reminder that you always have the power to choose to create your  self growth  journey and transform into your wholeness.  The  intention  of the  selfgrowth   is transformational and requres serious commitment and self responsibility.  Here I am Sharing few aspects that can become roadblocks to  self-growth .   Following are some beliefs, thoughts and behaviors that can become   traps / barriers  to  self  growth .   "Being busy or Giving more importance to other work over   selfwork "  "thinking I already know enough."   " Thinking  Been there Done that",  "Focusing only on external  experiences  than internal  experiences "  " Thinking  I  have been doing it all along, I am already enlightened",  "Thinking I am already evolved, self-growth is for others" "Holding on to  old  habits and  behaviors ",  "F

You are Whole and Complete in every Moment

The True Self is a term that depicts the living mindful are aware being that has the capacity to engage with life. The True Self is consistently with us; we just have innate channels that can once in a while block our attention to it.  Society has been sending the message that to be someone on the planet, you need to go to the correct school, land the correct position, purchase the correct vehicle, live in the correct neighborhood, have the correct relationship and resign in the correct manner, etc. Only then will you be acknowledged; Only then you will you be someone on the planet.  This infers that at right now you are no one. Nothing could be further from the reality. The whole intensity of the universe lives in your very being. Your being is made of light. There isn't anything you need to do, really nothing you need to secure your own completeness. You are whole an complete as you are now in your own being and can chose to express it in your life as you need and when you need.