We long to discover the secrets and mysteries of our individual lives, to find our unique way of belonging to ourselves, others and to this world.

We struggle to find the innate treasure we were born with and to bring it to our existence. We long to share this treasure with others. We long to experience our oneness with all of creation. 

Selfcraft is a personal quest that focuses on the discovery of individual personal meaning and a way to contribute to life. This longing pulls us toward the heart, into our wild nature and the dark valley of our deepest needs. 

Alongside this longing to discover ourselves, lives an equally great fear of finding the very thing we are seeking. Somehow we know that doing so will shake up our lives, our sense of identity, our sense of security, our relationship to everything we hold as familiar and dear. 

But we also suspect that saying no to our deepest longings will mean self-imprisonment in a life that is too small. And a deeper voice within insists that finding and sharing our treasure is well worth any sacrifice.

Selfcraft Journey

And so we continue to struggle and search. We study and seek knowledge to find our value in the external. We go to counsellors to heal our emotional wounds. We go to health care providers to heal our bodies. We worship and go to priests to heal our souls. All of them help sometimes and somewhat.

However, the implicit and usually unconscious bargain we make with ourselves is that, yes, we want to be healed, we want to be made whole, we’re willing to go some distance, but we’re not willing to question the fundamental assumptions upon which our way of life has been built and conditioned both personally and societally. 

We continue to ignore the still, small, intuitive voice within. We’re not willing to risk losing all the identities we have acquired. We want more and more of the external to define us. And so our deepest longing is never fulfilled. Most often, it is never even meaningfully addressed. 

To uncover the secret of our self, we must journey into the unknown, deep into our own darkness and farther into an outer world of uncertainties. 

No one would casually choose such a journey and those who do, may find themselves and their treasure and gift within. 

SelfCraft - A personal journey of Self Discovery
Facilitator: Diyanat Ali
23 Jan - 31 Jan 2021
Nasik Dist, Maharashtra, India
To know more and join visit https://bit.ly/selfcraft
October 02, 2020