Finding the Balance between success, failure, work, rest, fun and life

Sometimes I wonder if I can be good at everything. I discovered through life experiences that I cannot be good at everything. Nobody can be good at everything. If I am good at playing football, it does not mean that I will be good at playing a flute. I am not even outstandingly good at even one thing that I do, let alone trying to be good at everything. 

I believe that It’s good to be successful when I can. But by trying too hard to succeed at everything, I end up creating unnecessary stress in my Life. It’s self-supporting to want to succeed, but self-defeating to need to succeed.

The constant drive to be successful often leads me to compare and compete against others. That makes me pay too much attention to what other people are doing, instead of what I can do. Over time I learnt that I couldn’t be in line with what other people can do, or how well they do it. I only end up comparing and competing against something I have no control over.

Very often, I have little or no control over my own abilities. Sometimes I associate my worth with the work I can do. Over time I understood that I don’t need to be successful to be worthwhile. Being alive and able to enjoy Life makes my Life worthwhile. Nothing else really matters. When I get too busy trying to be successful, I don't get time left over for doing things I enjoy in Life.

At times I am afraid of failing that i get scared of even trying anything new. At other times my Life becomes boring because I am only doing things I know that I can succeed at, and I seldom try new experiences. 

wanting to succeed.

This Fear of failure has stopped me from enjoying new things I want to do. I also worry so much about failing, that I am not able to concentrate fully on what I am attempting to achieve, and I end up making many mistakes and fail eventually at many things I try.

I found that the best way to learn how to do something is to just do it by being open to outcomes. The other way to succeed is to practice, practice, practice and to learn from my mistakes. 

I also found that mistakes and failure are not avoidable and also not awful; they are just a regular part of my learning. As a Human, I fail and make mistakes all the time. If I make a mistake, it doesn’t make me less than anyone else or worthless. It proves that I am just a normal human being.

I continue to strive to be good at what I love doing and also try out exploring new things, where I allow myself to be in balance of both enjoying work, rest and having fun and peace in life.

August 11, 2020