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Have Less. Do Less. Be More

Have Less, Do Less, Be More. Slowing down is the key to connect with Yourself. If you have to do something then Do what you Love.  Do What Energizes you. Do What you feel doing Do What brings you Joy Do What you really Need. Do What you Absolutely have to do. Do What makes you come Alive Do What expresses your presence Do what unleashes your creativity Do What you Are Be What You Are. Do Less, Have Less and Be More

Doubt - Suspicion - Slander - Backbiting

A suspicion is the feeling that someone(a person) has a intention of doing wrong or is doing wrong to you. Doubt is a feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction because of two or more possibilities. Doubt means that we have different possibilities in the mind about the correctness or otherwise about a thing. If we weigh the possibilities we would find that they are of equal or unequal weight. If one possibility is heavier, then the other possibilities, it results in presumption or supposition. When one possibility is lighter in comparison to the other then it is called apprehension. When a possibility has more weight than the other possibilities it results in conviction. When there are no other possibilities and no doubt, it results in certainty. Certainty gives safety, clam and peace of mind. In the Tasawwuff sufi/irfan traditions Suspicion in most cases and Doubt in some cases are an indication that the heart (Qalb) is affected with a spiritual disease. Suspicion increases the fear