Living Life like an Adventure

Life is an adventure. Its sometimes rough and tough, sometimes bliss and love. Whats the point of being on an adventure of live if you aren’t having the ups and downs and a full experience of life?
Far too many people live life in a ordinary way and then wonder why they feel bored and meaningless. If you’re life is boring, it’s because you’re not living it fully.

An Adventurous life is all about actions that are brave, bold, daring and courageous and those that make you feel alive and earn the bliss of purposefulness and meaningfulness of continuously living it fully to the core.

What can a man learn from rocks

What can a man learn from rocks in the wilderness.
A man can learn from a rock to stand his ground, be confident, unshakable and concrete in his deep authenticity. Be his true self and create his own destiny. Be wild, open, down to earth, humble and free. Grow into being the magnificent boulder of any shape or size he wants to be. Learn to be self-reliant, seek no approval or permission of others to be himself. Be complete and enough by himself with no need to impress others. Learn to be resilient, courageous, passionate and persevere in the face of life's challenges just like how the rocks bear the wind, the sun, the rain.

Explore his own primal experience with other men to define, know, and claim who he is just like how rocks are always found to be around together.
A man can learn to live his deepest, fullest wholehearted and sacred self, just like how the rocks are themselves forever.

SelfCraft - A Quest for Self Discovery

SelfCraft - A Quest for Self Discovery

Facilitator: Diyanat Ali
Place: Nasik Dist, Maharashtra, India

About the Selfcraft Journey:

The self, is our unique way of being in this world and Selfcraft is a 9 days quest in the wilderness, a journey designed to reconnect, rediscover and craft anew the so far forgotten and unattended to, self. Set in the beautiful wilderness of the forts and villages of Nasik district, Maharashtra, the odyssey of self discovery, using specially curated practices, exercises, rituals and ceremonies that are secular and invitational, will focus on connecting with the inner world through the body, emotions, mind and the spirit and finally the question, buried underneath, who am I? What is my true Nature? What is my purpose?

Who is it for:

The transformative expedition is for Wo/men 21 years and above. It will appeal to men and women in any life stage but more importantly to those who intent to take the inner journey within or are already on the path of self awareness, self-discovery, self leadership, personal mastery.

What can you Harvest:

Selfcraft Journey offers a possibility for marking significant life changes for participants, to develop Self awareness and connect with self. Healing, closures to conversations and relations. Creative and epistemic shift in consciousness, self perceptions and core beliefs leading to enhanced self awareness, personal mastery, self leadership, mindful presence, wholesomeness and greater meaning in lives, family and work. Self-integration at different levels. A deeper understanding and connect with one’s body, emotions, needs, values and with other selfs/participants and nature.

On a more personal level, participants will identify the standards they wish to bring to their lives in terms of actions, that will help them be, who they wish to be. And most importantly a community of journeyers, to belong to.

What can you expect :

During these 9 days, we will leave the comfort of daily life and head into the uncertainty of the great outdoors in a safe and supportive environment. We will focus on enhancing intra-personal awareness to develop a strong self - presence through inner-work, guided inquiry and self - discovery processes. We will have deeper conversations with the self, nature and cultivate a soulful relationship with ourselves, others and life. In this reconnection with nature we will find our own understanding, liberation and embodiment of our selfs.

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