Belief in total destiny is oppression against ones free will as this belief states that everything is governed by God and Man has no Role in it due to lack of choice and freedom of will, that Man is not a free agent and is a helpless tool in divine hands like a toy.

An absolute belief in Destiny is Absurd as it makes life aimless and Vain. if Destiny is true then there is no merit or demerit in any mans action, and if everything is destined the very concept of Divine Justice becomes Null and Void as God himself destines and then punishes or rewards based on his chosen Destiny.

Divine Justice itself demands no compulsion and any action for reward or punishment has to be of a free agent, done out of own free will and choice.

Therefore Man is created by God but is a free agent and has complete free will and choice and can choose whatever he wants to do in Life.
October 31, 2019