Tried my hands on drawing and noticed that it was my fear of the thought that the drawing will be judged that had stopped me from trying it earlier.

Once I was open to the outcomes and didn't think about what others will say, the drawing came naturally.

I also realised it's not the absence of skill or technique that stops me from trying things  but the presence of fear and judgement.

This is is also applicable to many other areas of life, like for example learning to communicate has less to do with the method or technique and more to do with dealing with the fear of not being understood by others.

learning to speak publicly has less to do with content, body language and more to do with dealing with the anxiety of performance, being judged and passing out unconcious on stage.

what stops us from learning to drive a car has less to do with the method or technique and more to do with  the fear of injury and causing accidents.

in life it's mostly fear that stops us from trying things out. What is noteworthy is that most of our fears are imaginative and not realistic. Things never turn out based on our fears but we continue to believe in them and that's what's keeps them alive. In our heads. It's only with action that we can experientially come to know that our fears are overrated.

There is no difference between fear and courage. physiologically they feel the same. what sets courage apart from fear is taking action and a positive supportive environment.

Fear + positive action = Courage.
October 06, 2019