The egoistic false self is the result of existential angst which is unable to trust in life. The false self sees through distortion of what it perceives and induces bias against seeing the perfection of what reality actually is.

This is basically a problem of perception and awareness, because the false self is unable to perceive the meaningfulness of life events and is unaware of the divine mercy operating in every detail of existence.

Masters of the various traditions have witnessed this reality and tried to communicate sometimes through metaphysical principles and sometimes through mystical poetry. Through the work of the path, the self becomes aware of its qualities and meanings that it had not been aware of.
The spiritual path work is a methodology based on the principles and insights of educating the human heart so it realizes the true nature of it's own self as an inherent part of and living in a creative, abundant, meaningful and beneficent reality.
October 25, 2019