What a Man can learn from rocks in the wilderness.

What can a man learn from rocks in the wilderness.
A man can learn from a rock to stand his ground, be confident, unshakable and concrete in his deep authenticity. Be his true self and create his own destiny. Be wild, open, down to earth, humble and free. Grow into being the magnificent boulder of any shape or size he wants to be. Learn to be self-reliant, seek no approval or permission of others to be himself. Be complete and enough by himself with no need to impress others. Learn to be resilient, courageous, passionate and persevere in the face of life's challenges just like how the rocks bear the wind, the sun, the rain.

Explore his own primal experience with other men to define, know, and claim who he is just like how rocks are always found to be around together.
A man can learn to live his deepest, fullest wholehearted and sacred self, just like how the rocks are themselves forever.
Excerpt from the upcoming Vision Quest - A Mans Journey to his Real Self. - Diyanat Ali.
May 13, 2019