The right of your mother is that you should appreciate that she carried you [in her womb] as nobody carries anybody, and fed you the fruits of her heart which nobody feeds anybody, and protected you [during pregnancy] with her ears, eyes, hands, legs, hair, limbs, and with her whole being, gladly, cheerfully and carefully; suffering patiently all the worries, pains, difficulties and sorrows [of pregnancy], till she gave you birth.

Then she was most happy feeding you forgetting her own hunger; clothing you, even if she herself had no clothes; giving you milk and water, not caring for her own thirst; keeping you in the shade, even if she had to suffer from the heat of the sun; giving you every comfort with her own hardships; lulling you to sleep while keeping herself awake.
And [remember that] her womb was your abode, and her lap your refuge, and her breast your feeder, and her whole existence your protection; it was she, not you, who was braving the heat and cold of this world for your safety.

Therefore, you must remain thankful to her accordingly, and you cannot do so except by the help and assistance from Allah.

Risalat ul Huqooq - The Treatise On Rights. - Imam Zainulabedin(A.S)
mothers days
May 13, 2019