There lies a deep longing in every man. A longing to discover the secrets and mystery of his masculine world.

To find his own unique way of belonging to this world. To find his sacred true nature. To yearn for the personal meaning takes him into the wild nature and into the dark earth of his deepest yearning.

The yearning is to seek the treasure that he was born to bring to this world and to experience the world by being in its service.

Along side the yearning lives an equally great fear of finding the very thing he seeks, the thing that will irreversibly shake up his life, sense of belonging and the relationships he hold familiar and dear.

Deep within he knows that saying No to his deepest desire will mean self imprisonment in a life too small.

A far off small inner voice within insists that the inner treasure is well worth any sacrifice and difficulty and he ventures into the dark mysteries of his inner world to find his treasure. A call to Adventure.

- The Vision Quest - A mans journey to his real self. - Diyanat Ali
Mature Men
May 14, 2019