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Planning an Outbound Training Program

Planning an Outbound Training Program Outbound Training in India is known with lot of different names like Outbound Learning, Outdoor Learning. Adventure Based Learning, OBT Training. Corporate Adventure Offsite, Team Building program, Outdoor Management Development Training etc. The essence of an Outbound Training is based on Experiential Education methodology and the Experiential Learning Cycle that consists of various phases of learning from experience, reflection and transference of the learning to the workplace settings, by a facilitator who uses a method called questioning, debriefing or processing that is based on the experience and behaviors observed in the activity. The Experiential Learning Cycle - pfeiffer The following are some of the important steps in planning an outbound training program for your company 1. Identify Learning Needs and Outcomes for the Outbound The first step in any training is to identify the need for conducting the outbound. The learni