Every kid is unique, they cannot be compared to or generalise with. Some parents I know feel responsible for their kids academic performance from their very young age. They somehow feel personally responsible for their kids performance at school to an extent where the kid is sometime treated as an extension of the parents.

Some parents keep comparing their kids with other kids in their family and friend circle and set standards on all the skills the kid should learn in a particular age. when that doesn't happen, the parents get frustrated and try different ways of teaching including using extra tuitions and various incentives and punishments.
Every kid whether he performs or not at school eventually learns to face life and lives a life of their own when they become an adult.
So parents, just chill and learn to let go, leave academics to your kid. You are only responsible for providing education. You are not responsible for their results. you can encourage your kids to study but you are not responsible for their performance. Neither are the kids responsible to make you feel good with their performance.
Learning happens in many ways and learning happens out of school also. Your kid will figure out a way, like we all did.
kids are unique
August 26, 2017