The world is full of grown up boys, unfinished and immature men who never got opportunity to learn to access their primordial Masculine nature from a father, guide or other group of men.
A Boy in order to become a Man needs to be Chivalrous, Honest, Free, independent, self Sustainable, Principle centered, a protector, a provider, bold, of high integrity, pragmatic, passion driven and most importantly having purpose in life.
To become a Man and to know that he has become a Man, the boy must go through many phases to mature Masculinity. The boy needs a mature father, or a mature man as a guide, or group of men who can show him his authentic nature and teach all the skills and Behaviors required to be a Mature Man.

This primordial nature of Masculinity is deep rooted in every boy and can only be accessed through help of a mature father, a mature man or fellowship of men and can't be learnt in any other place, it can't be learned in school, from other boys or from women.
In olden traditions and that of the gurukul, and among the sadhus, shamans, sufis, mauris, boys were initiated in the wilderness, away from home into becoming mature Men.
The result of abandoning the masculine initiation is a world of unfinished and uninitiated men, struggling, striving, sulking, uncertain, angry and without a purpose in life.
It's imperative that for boys to become men they need to be initiated, undergo a process, journey and many experiences in the path to realise their fullest masculine nature and potential to make this world a better place.
Spending time in Wilderness, Outdoors, Nature, Adventure, Travel and Sports with other mature men is one among many paths that will help boys become men.
August 26, 2017