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Finding the Balance between success, failure, work, rest, fun and life

Sometimes I wonder if I can be good at everything. I discovered through life experiences that I cannot be good at everything. Nobody can be good at everything. If I am good at playing football, it does not mean that I will be good at playing a flute. I am not even outstandingly good at even one thing that I do, let alone trying to be good at everything.  I believe that It’s good to be successful when I can. But by trying too hard to succeed at everything, I end up creating unnecessary stress in my Life. It’s self-supporting to want to succeed, but self-defeating to need to succeed. The constant drive to be successful often leads me to compare and compete against others. That makes me pay too much attention to what other people are doing, instead of what I can do. Over time I learnt that I couldn’t be in line with what other people can do, or how well they do it. I only end up comparing and competing against something I have no control over. Very often, I have little or no control over