I am focused on areas of self development, experiential education, human potential development, Spirituality and have dedicated my life to learning about adventure, outdoors and experiential education, coaching, wilderness quests, Mysticism.

I have founded the following organisations as part of my passion and profession

Transformational and Spiritual Coaching:
I offer Transformational  and Spiritual Coaching  to help individuals and groups step out of being a victim of their past and unconsciousness feelings, beliefs, and emotions, to finally create the life they know they are meant to live.  Find their true purpose and  take their power back and consciously live a joyful, abundant, and spiritually in-tune life.

I offer life coaching to help individuals and groups find deeper connection, true love & intimacy,
increase creative expression, connect to your playful imaginative inner child and true self, deepen their  spiritual life,  uncover their true calling and increase abundance in all aspects of your life.

Selfcraft - a Wilderness Quest
Self Craft focuses on enhancing  intra-personal awareness to develop a strong self presence through inner-work and guided inquiry and self discovery processes

The selfcraft ia unique way of  reconnecting, rediscovering and crafting anew the so far forgotten and unattended to, self. A journey set in the beautiful wilderness, the odyssey of self discovery, using specially curated practices, exercises, rituals and ceremonies that are secular and invitational, will focus on connecting with the sensory world through nature and body to access feelings and emotions, and finally the question, buried underneath, who am I? What is my true Nature? What is my purpose?

Menswork / Rites of Passage
The menswork passage or vision quests includes powerful rituals such as the talking stick, drumming, a bonfire gathering, storytelling, poetry, workshops, breath work, and small group exercises. Throughout the weekend, the experiential activities encourage us to honor ourselves and share the passions, paths and purposes that enrich our lives.

Great Hyderabad Adventure Club
Founder at Great Hyderabad Adventure Club. Founded the GHAC club and drove it to become the most active adventure club in India. The current membership base of the club is 22000 members and about 150 outdoor leaders. I directly manage a team of 15 Co-organisers who are responsible for running the club.

Outlife - Learning and Development
OutLife Learning and Development conducts, Behavioral Training, experiential learning, outbound training, Adventure Based Learning and Team Building with a focus on imparting learning that can be carried to the workplace.

My Focus with the Delivering Training is to impart learnings on organizational needs such as  Teamwork, Leadership, Strategic Thinking, Conflict Management, Team Building, Effective Communication, Quality Improvement, Mentoring and Skill Development.

CELOL - Centre for Experiential Learning and Outbound Leadership

CELOL is an initiative to promote experiential learning and outdoor leadership to build a community of  professionals. As a group we will exchange best practices, mentor and counsel aspiring trainers and outdoor leaders so that they will Learn both theoretical and practical approaches for exceptional performance in their respective domains.  This group will help you become more self-motivated and confident, so you can use your skills effectively.

October 25, 2019